The 3 Videos Every Company Needs

Creating a video strategy for your company can be difficult, and that's not even taking into consideration filming and editing. Then, when the video is done you have to figure out how to promote it and make sure that it is reaching all of your potential customers. For these reasons, HD Werks has conducted extensive research and created our "Three Videos Every Company Needs" series.

These videos are the very basic requirements that every organization or business should have. Whether you are B2C, B2B, or a non-profit, they will help your organization in so many different ways. All of the videos are made to be shown both internally and externally, and assist with recruiting, retention, and sales; all while building a strong image for your brand.

1) About Us - It can't be overlooked! Employees and customers alike need a basic introduction to your company in order to build a trusting relationship. This video typically runs about 5 minutes and explains the most important aspects about your company.

2) Welcome/Culture - If you think of the first video as answering the "who, what, when, and where" the Welcome/Culture video answer the question "why". Show off your companies culture in a way that will inspire your workforce and mesmerize your clients.

3) A Day in the Life - Introduce your team and gives an in-depth look at your most important resources - your people. Our "A Day in The Life" video highlights what a typical day at your organization looks like and focuses on how you operate.

HD Werks is a visual agency that can successfully deliver these three videos in a matter of weeks, with almost no effort for your organization. All we need from you is the best time to shoot, and a few people to talk to on camera.

If your organization is interested in video production work, we would be happy to setup a free visual impact analysis. Give us a call at (330) 680-4812 for more information.