5 Video Trends to Look for in 2018

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

The video industry arguably evolves and changes as quickly as any other. With so many moving parts behind the scenes, advancements in technology are being made daily. Similar to many other tech fields, the latest and greatest in video production is years away from being in consumer's hands. However, some rapid changes may be coming soon.

Here are five trends in video that could still catch on in 2018:

1) VR Technology Will See Another Drastic Spike in Sales -  The majority of electronic consumers have seen a VR headset or 360 photo/video at this point, but it was not until recently that Google and HTC both released affordable high-quality sets at a fair price point. As it continues to gain popularity in the video game industry, look for 360/VR to become a must-have item just in time for Holiday shopping.

2) Almost Everyone will Experience 4K UHD - Since late 2017, 4k UHD television sets have been available, but a good majority of the population has yet to experience it. The biggest upgrade comes in the form of "high dynamic range" (HDR) that simply summarized allows for more colors between white and black to be displayed. Results are stunning and consumers will soon realize the jump from basic 4k to "Ultra High Def" is more impressive than 1080P to 4k.

3) You will See More Online Video Ads - Marketing departments are really starting to combat what has been a huge problem with video advertisements for years, the skip button. A lot of the ads online today require viewers to watch 10 to 15 seconds of content before viewing a video, and marketers are seizing on this opportunity by creating quick hitting content. Don't be surprised if the skip feature is a thing of the past by 2019. 

4) A Large Company will Enter the Video Streaming Market -  I in no way have any knowledge of this, but am going out on a limb to say that a large technology player (other than Disney which has been confirmed) will release plans for a video streaming service. Consumers are clearly signing up for multiple streaming and premium channel apps which should cause another large corporation to fight for a share. There is also the possibility that an established streaming service is purchased.

5) An Independent Film will be One of the Year's Biggest Hits - The ability to shoot in 4k UHD on a roughly $2,000 dollar camera has every amateur director drooling. Advancements in video editing software and an influx of young talent that has grown up with current technology will also play a huge role in a sub $1 million budget film hitting it big. Plus, everybody loves an underdog.