HD Werks Demo Reel

For the past 10 years HD Werks has had the privilege of working with some of Northeast Ohio's fastest growing companies. It has been an honor to create high level corporate video to help meet their training and marketing needs. Along the way we have met so many incredible business professionals, and it has been a pleasure to help share their story through video.

When HD Werks was founded in 2008 high definition video was just becoming a reality. Cell phones didn't even shoot video, and the first IPhone had just been released. Fast forward to today and video is constantly at every consumers fingertips. As we move closer to 2020, video is being used in ways that no one would've dreamed of ten years ago. Even things as simple as FaceTime and Skype weren't relevant when HD Werks was founded. Virtual Reality is here, and soon VR headsets may be as common in homes as laptops. Video is even being used to help drive autonomous cars!

When looking back on the last decade, the video production industry has seen arguably as many changes as any industry. Todays cameras, production equipment, and video editing software allows HD Werks to produce high quality 4K video an extremely efficient manor.

Check out our HD Werks Demo Reel to see how our video production team can assist your business.