How is Your Company Planning to use Video in 2019?

With a new year right around the corner, it's the perfect time to start planning a visual strategy. Most organizations have a marketing plan or calendar, but does yours have one specific for the videos they plan to release throughout 2019?

Often times video production can be overlooked in terms of cost and time. It's also something that most businesses don't have the capability to create internally. The need for video typically isn't limited to one department, so sometimes defining who exactly is in charge of these decisions can be difficult.

Videos are being consumed at a faster rate than ever before. This past summer, Nielsen's released a study showing that U.S. adults spend on average 11 hours consuming media! As both cell phones and coverage continue to improve the demand for video will only increase. Remember, it wasn't all that long ago that you couldn't watch a video on any cell phone; now over half of all videos consumed are watched on mobile devices.

Some people may not even be aware of the fact they are walking around with the ability to record in 4k in their pocket or purse. The rapid increase in storage capability has also played a large role in the video production boom. So, if everyone can make videos why are businesses not overflowing with content?

This question can really be summed up into a few parts. First is the strategy and placement, meaning you have to develop both a plan for what the video is going to cover, and who is going to see it. Pre-productuon is a lengthy process that involves scripting, storyboarding, walk throughs, testing and sometimes scouting locations/talent. Another limitation for production is the lack of equipment. Yes, an iPhone X can record a beautiful looking picture, but there are still challenges with audio quality, lifting, and stabilization. Finally, the biggest challenge is being able to put it all together and coordinate every aspect which is something a trained producer or director typically handles.

Since most organizations don't have a cinematographer, producer, and editor on staff; typically companies are left with no choice but to hire an out of house production company. This is where a lot of times the quality and price of the work will vary drastically. Check out Wistia’s mini-series that highlights the varying cost of video production. In the past, only large corporations could afford high end video production, but now it's become truly affordable for any business to create quality content.

There are really three things to keep in mind when planning your strategy for 2019: time, cost, and enthusiasm. Make sure that every video you set out to make has a purpose and a plan for how it is to be distributed. Take a look at your YouTube channel or videos on your Facebook page and see exactly what's working for you. If your organization doesn't have any content, a great place we recommend starting is an "About Us" video which covers all of the most important details in 5 minutes or less.

Play to your strengths, display what makes you unique, and most importantly be genuine with what you portray. Also keep in mind that your people and customers are your greatest assets, and that video production should be fun and effective.

Over a trillion videos will be watched online in 2019...will yours be remembered?