Lumix GH5s Review

For years HD Werks has entrusted Lumix cameras to capture the highest quality of video. In February, Lumix released the GH5s, and once again they have delivered! With a 10.2MP high-sensitivity MOS sensor this camera is able to capture stunning video in 4k resolution.

HD Werks professional videographers have been shooting with the Lumix GH5s for a few weeks, and could not be happier with the results. The cameras ability to capture video in lowlight situations makes it the perfect fit for filming after dark or in dimly lit buildings. It also features an incredible slow motion mode and has the ability to record in multiple aspect ratios.

The large high resolution screen gives videographers the ability to preview and record the best shot available. Dual SD card slots allow for hours of video to be shot simultaneously. Lumix's Depth From Defocus (DFD) technology captures even the fastest of action or movement in crystal clear HD.

At HD Werks we have a passion for creating high quality videos, and that starts with having top of the line equipment. Thanks to Lumix for creating another game changing camera!