Video Onboarding Strategy

At HD Werks, we recently developed our TrainingWerks program that is designed to help onboard any company's new hires. The first day of work can be stressful for new employees. Not only are they required to learn all of their new daily tasks, but are also tasked with meeting coworkers, taking in company culture, and learning general policies and procedures.

HR departments are starting to realize that the most efficient way to onboard new employees is through video. This delivers a clear consistent message, and it doesn't require managers of HR employees spending hours of time with every new hire. Not only does video onboarding free up managers schedules, but it also help with retention and conveys the company's culture from day one.

In terms of the strategy organizations should take when developing a video onboarding program, there are several factors to consider.

Video Onboarding Questions to Consider:

  • What is the size of your organization? How often do you hire new employees?

  • Does your company have a welcome video?

  • What is the most important information that every employee should know?

  • How long do you typically spend training a new employee?

  • Do you have visual content already created that can be used to train new hires?

Once these questions have been answered, it becomes easier to determine how in depth of a video training program your company requires. HD Werks offers three tiers of video training packages to meet the needs for any sized business. The one video every company needs starts at just $3,500 and should be the first thing every new employee sees. Send us an email to for more information on our TrainingWerks program.