Frequently Asked Questions

What is StudioWerks?

StudioWerks is the world's first Modular Video Production Platform. We take professionally filmed interviews and combine them with HD pre-templated studio videos, so you can deliver compelling visual messages for use in Marketing, Training, and Communications.

How do I schedule an interview?​

After you order your StudioWerks outcomes, you will be taken to a scheduling page. Each outcome should take approximately 30 minutes to record. A link to reschedule will also be in your initial onboarding email.

What all is required?

All we need from you is approximately 30 minutes per outcome to conduct your professionally produced StudioWerks interview. Make sure you have reviewed the questions for all of your outcomes prior to your interview. 

Where can I upload photos and slides?

Your producer will provide you with a DropBox link to share photos and slides for each project

How long does the process take?

Our turnaround time is typically about 5 business days from the time you record your interview until you have a finished video.

How will I receive the finished video?

You will receive a WeTransfer link to download all of your finished outcomes

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you need to cancel your StudioWerks subscription at anytime simply send an email to 

What happens if I need changes made to the video?

If you have any issue with your finished outcome video please email and any technical issues will be fixed free of charge. Our producers will work with you during the interview to ensure that no content changes will be necessary, as they are not covered in the price of an outcome. Content changes or re-recording of an interview will be billed at the rate of $95 per hour. 

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