Terms of Service

  • StudioWerks

    1. “StudioWerks” is a Modular Video Production Platform created by “HD Werks LLC”

    2. When referencing “StudioWerks” for all legal and financial purposes it is a product of “HD Werks LLC”

    3. Terms

      1. Interview – A video session recorded on-site with a VidWorks Producer

      2. Appointment – The day and time of your scheduled interview. Appointments are for 30 minutes per interview

      3. Outcome – Templated script associated with purchased video

  • Applicability

    1. “StudioWerks” refers to the process of taking recorded interviews and combining them with our pre-templated studio footage to create finished videos for our clients

    2. “Users” refers to anyone who has paid for StudioWerks

  • Recording

    1. StudioWerks is not responsible for the quality of your Interview which can vary based on equipment, bandwidth, lighting, background noise, and set up of your smart device

    2. As stated in our Privacy section, your recorded interview will not be shared or redistributed without written consent

  • Content

    1. All pre-templated content and recorded Interviews are the property of HD Werks LLC

    2. Finished “StudioWerks” videos will be the property of the organization of which the client belongs to

  • Subscription

    1. StudioWerks subscribers will be billed the amount of $495 on the first calendar day of every month and will receive one “Outcome” video in that calendar month

    2. Interview must be scheduled and conducted within the calendar month they are paid for

    3. No refunds will be issued if the Interview is not conducted in said calendar month

    4. The credit card on file will automatically be billed and no refunds will be issued once the card has been charged on the first of the month

  • Cancellation Policy / Missed Appointments

    1. Cancellation of subscription requires a 15 day notice via email to

    2. Appointments must be rescheduled 24 hours prior to the scheduled Interview by visiting   

    3. No refunds will be issued for missed Appointments

  • Confidentiality

    1. All information stated in recorded Interviews will remain confidential

    2. Anything stated in a StudioWerks Interview may be used in the final video  

  • Liability

    1. StudioWerks is not liable for any messages delivered and does not approve, condone, or support any statements made using our product.

    2. StudioWerks is not responsible for any false claims made using our platform

  • Interviews

    1. StudioWerks Interviews may not run over 30 minutes in length per Outcome

    2. If multiple Outcomes are purchased, time may not be carried over from previously unused Interviews    

  • Distribution

    1. Once delivered, StudioWerks videos may be used by the client’s organization as they see fit

    2. By participating in a StudioWerks Interview, you are consenting for your image, name, likeness, and voice to be used both internally and externally by your employer.

  • Privacy

    1. Click here for more information regarding StudioWerks privacy policy

  • Pricing

    1. Pricing is subject to change at any time.

    2. Subscribers will be notified at least 60 days in advance of any pricing changes