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TrainingWerks is a unique process specifically designed to provide any size business with a complete onboarding video solution.


Onboarding is described as the action or process of integrating a new employee into an organization or familiarizing a new customer or client with their products or services.


  • Less Turnover

  • Better Performance

  • Commitment from the Company

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • Knowledge of the Organization

Why do Companies Onboard?

Company Video

Starting at $9,500

About Us

The most crucial information to share with new hires, vendors, and stakeholders.  


Share the WHY of what you do with a video welcome and snapshot of the company values.

A Day in the Life

Introduce the team with an in-depth look at y0ur most valuable resource, your people. 

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The TrainingWerks onboarding video solution package covers crucial information that every employee needs to know.


The three different sections include: An Executive Welcome/Culture Message, General Policies and Procedures, and "A Day In the Life". The video series is all recorded in one day and post-production time takes less than three business weeks.



Video Training Can Save Companies Money

Research shows that an average midsize company with 150 employees has 15 managers spending on average an hour a week on basic training and onboarding. That means 780 hours of employee’s time is being spent on training throughout the year.

If those managers on average make $20 an hour (which is just over a $40k annual salary) that means $15,600 worth of employee time is being dedicated to relaying basic information that can be displayed by video. 

Save Money

Video Training Can Save Companies Time


Over 47% of companies surveyed are onboarding every week, and 82% say that it takes more than several hours to complete the onboarding process.


Time is the number one factor when implementing an onboarding process. All companies want to get employees up to speed as quickly as possible, and HR departments are realizing the answer is video. 

Video Training Can Be Fun

One of the leading challenges for companies when asked what barriers stand in the way of learning and retention is enthusiasm. Everyone has seen a poorly made training video or a boring slide show with voiceover.


That’s why the TrainingWerks onboarding video is shot cinematically with professional videographers and top of the line video equipment. The finished product is a fun and exciting video that leaves every new employee excited about starting work.  

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